Four Pillars

There are four pillars which Grand Canyon University is founded on and lives by each and every day.

Academic Advancement

Our demanding curriculum will empower you to stretch your intellectual capacity and gain vital knowledge and critical thinking skills that will be at your command throughout your life and career. Go for it!

Christian Camaraderie

GCU is much more than classroom learning and competitive sports! You will immediately make new friends who become your lifelong "brothers and sisters in Christ." And you'll participate with them in serving your fellow students and the surrounding community. Serving Christ is not a's an Adventure!

Extracurricular Excellence

If participating in sports makes your heart pound, we will give you the playing field! We offer a broad range of intramural as well as intercollegiate opportunities. Who knows, you could be our 13th GCU baseball star to play for a Major League Baseball team!

Wellness & Well-Being

Get healthy, stay healthy! If that's your personal goal, you will achieve it at GCU! Work out in our fully equipped fitness center, or take advantage of our volleyball and basketball courts. Our state-of-the-art health care center gives nursing and athletic training majors the perfect place to develop their care-giving skills, too.