APA Format FAQ's

Q: How do I know when to cite information?
A: Click here to see our handy reference guide. Remember the general rule: "When it doubt - cite it!"

Q: What information should I include on my cover page?
A: Please refer to the appropriate style guide and template based on your specific course. However, in general, the title page includes five elements that should be centered in the middle of the page: title, author byline, institutional affiliation (i.e., Grand Canyon University), course number (e.g., PSY 351), and date of submission.

Q: When should I include an abstract?
A:  Please check the assignment requirements outlined in your course syllabus. If the syllabus does not specify, please check with your instructor to determine their expectation.

Q:  How do I format my running head?
A: The APA website has two locations that you may find useful. First, check out their FAQ on this subject. You can also read the APA Style Blog posting for more specific information and links to the Microsoft website.

Q:  What to do when reference information is missing from a website:
A:  A basic reference in APA format uses the author (last name and first initial), date, title of article, and the source in which the article was located (journal, website, etc.). Since there is no standard for website publications, sometimes information you need for an appropriate APA reference is missing. What do you do?
To help you in those cases, APA created a flowchart that can assist you in developing the correct reference format by using information from the website you used for research. Click here to access the flowchart: How to Cite Something You Found on a Website in APA Style: What to Do When Information Is Missing

Q:  There is not an appropriate reference example in the APA Publication Manual. How should I format my reference?
A:  Check the APA website and APA Style Blog for information on combining the proper elements. This is a helpful link to get you started: http://www.apastyle.org/learn/faqs/example-reference.aspx

Q:  How do I cite the Bible?
A: The APA 6th Edition Publication Manual has determined that the Bible, as well as other ancient or classical religious works, are widely known enough that only an in-text citation is needed. For examples, check out this APA Style Blog posting about citation of classical works.