GCU Style Guides and Templates

APA style can be tricky. To assist you with learning proper APA formatting, GCU has developed a graduated system of style requirements to help students in lower-division courses with the fundamentals of proper referencing and formatting. The requirements increase based upon the level of the courses in which you are enrolled. Use the APA Style Guides and Templates to help ensure you are properly referencing and formatting your work. You can access the templates here, or through your online classroom.

GCU's style requirement templates and guides can be found in your GCU Learning Management System portal by following these steps:

  1. Login to your GCU Learning Management System portal
  2. Hover over the "Resources" drop down in the top navigation bar
  3. Select "Student Success Center"
  4. Once in the Student Success Center, click on "Writing Center" in the top navigation bar
  5. In the Writing Center you will find style guides, templates, examples and helpful resources for following GCU's style requirements