About Turnitin

Grand Canyon University takes a proactive approach to supporting faculty and students so that academic work is original. The Turnitin resource allows both students and instructors to check written work to make sure it is of the highest integrity when it comes to the originality of text. GCU sees Turnitin as a support tool to better assist students as they learn about proper citation and giving credit to others while crafting their own thoughts into written form. By checking the originality of text, students and instructors can work together to improve the student's work and limit the dangers of plagiarism.

Using Turnitin is a REQUIREMENT of GCU, and is listed in the University Policy Handbook. Written assignments of 500 or more words are required to be submitted to the Turnitin drop box before submitting to the Assignment drop box in all online courses. You may not receive credit for work that is not submitted to Turnitin as required.