A Commitment to Personal Learning - A Message from the Provost

Grand Canyon University is dedicated to maintaining the academic integrity and rigor of our programs. In doing so, we encourage our students to commit to their own academic growth and personal learning. GCU provides the framework to allow students to learn in a safe, non-threatening environment, and both students and faculty have an obligation to create a productive learning atmosphere.

We are fortunate to be living in a time with an abundance of high-quality learning materials which can be accessed quickly. However, the ease of access to information on the Internet has increased the concern regarding authenticity in academic work. It is more important than ever to be clear about authorship and citation.

As part of the commitment to your own learning, don't be afraid to ask questions about the expectations for your assignments. Focus on developing research and time management skills, which will help you to avoid taking dishonest shortcuts. The Academic Compliance website provides useful tutorials, APA and Turnitin information, and a variety other helpful resources.

GCU has many resources in place to assist our students on their academic path, but ultimately, the pursuit of learning is a personal one. I encourage you to thoroughly read the policies regarding academic integrity and student conduct. Students are advised to speak with their instructors or academic counselors whenever there are questions about University policy. I encourage you to ensure that your work is guided by the standards of honesty, integrity, and excellence that define Grand Canyon University.

GCU Provost