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Teaching Strategies and Methods

EDU 5000        Classroom Management           
This course allows the learner to apply effective classroom management strategies, analyze current trends for well-managed classrooms, and foster a positive classroom environment appropriate to students' developmental levels.

EED 5700         Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Schools       

This course offers students an opportunity to develop an authentic performance activity that informs social studies state and national standards. Meaningful instruction and assessment of learning in the social studies discipline along with effective practice and integrated instruction and methodology will be a focus.

EED 5143         K-3 Reading Methods  
This course examines methods to help children in grades k-3 develop literacy skills through a focused reading program integrating decoding and comprehension in a literature-based environment. 

EED 5100         Curriculum, Assessment, & Methods for Elementary Math & Science     
This course is designed to acquaint elementary teachers with curriculum and effective techniques for the teaching of science and mathematics. Students are involved in planning instruction and assessment for a combined curriculum lesson plans.

ESL 5001          Advanced Methodologies in Structured English Immersion      
In this course students continue to examine the fundamentals of the legal, historical, and educational foundations of Structured English Instruction and other instructional programs for English Language Learners. Theoretical principles of language acquisition and the role of culture in learning are examined. Methods of assessment are identified and analyzed. Students will identify strategies to promote English language development and improve student achievement. They will plan, deliver, and evaluate instruction for English Language Learners.

ESL 5000          SEI English Language Teaching           
This course presents the historical, legal, theoretical, and sociological foundations of programs of instruction for English language learners. It includes an examination of the role of culture in learning and instructional program models, with a focus on Structured English Immersion. Students will be instructed in immersion strategies and the use of assessment data. The content of this course correlates with the NBPTS English as a New Language Standards, Standard I: Knowledge of Students, Standard III: Knowledge of Culture and Diversity, Standard VIII: Learning Environment, Standard IX: Assessment, Standard XI: Linkages with Families. This course meets the AZ Provisional SEI Endorsement Standards.

SED 5485         Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools        
This course examines different learning modalities, instructional strategies, and the use of technology to help design and deliver effective social studies lessons that are aligned to standards and increase student achievement.

SED 5483         Methods of Teaching Science in Secondary Schools      
This course covers inquiry-based learning strategies, teaching research methods and the use of technology in the science classroom.

SED 5482         Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools          
This course is designed to develop teachers' understanding and ability to apply the methods and principles of effective instruction in the secondary mathematics classroom. Topics discussed include the importance of planning for instruction, national principles and standards for school mathematics instruction, instructional strategies, and the integration of technology and Web resources to enhance mathematics instruction and increase student achievement.

TEC 5245          Technology Integration in K-12 Curriculum     
This course will focus on curriculum designs that include contemporary tools and resources to maximize student learning, inspire creativity and foster innovation. This course explores methods to engage learners by using digital tools to explore real world issues and solve authentic problems. The use of tools such as social networking, presentation software, multimedia social spaces, blogs and web feeds to advance student learning will also be addressed.

ECH 5640         Instructional Teaching Methodologies: Language, Math, Social Studies, Science, and the Arts
This course examines instructional methodologies for teaching young children with a specific emphasis on language, math, science, social studies, and the arts. The course supports educators in designing developmentally appropriate lessons that integrate multiple standards and subject areas.

ECH 5520         Foundations of Early Childhood           
This course covers the foundations of the early childhood field, including research on how children learn, laws and policies governing the field, current practices, and application in early childhood settings.

ECH 5515         Early Literacy Development      
This course addresses early language development and teaching strategies, supporting literacy development for those working with students from birth to age 8. The stages of oral and emergent language are addressed through language and literacy development. Application of phonemic and alphabetic principle skills are addressed through hands-on assignments. The course allows the learner to bring this together to demonstrate how an effective literacy environment can be developed.