Journal of Instructional Research

The Journal of Instructional Research (JIR) is an annual online publication, facilitated by the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching at Grand Canyon University. The JIR is dedicated to hosting faculty research focused in post-secondary instruction including teaching, learning and assessment. By bringing together scholars via a truly collaborative platform, the opportunity to enhance understanding and the application of best practices in college teaching will be realized.


Volume 1, 2012


Learning Together: Perceived Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes of Learners in a Nontraditional, Professional Doctoral Program - Hank Radda, Ted Cross & Rick Holbeck

Using Teaching Circles Amongst Online Adjunct Faculty - Jennifer Ashton

Psychology Feud: When the Correct Answer Isn't the Most Valued - William Wozniak, B. Jean Mandernach & Theresa A. Wadkins

Student Perceptions of Online Instructional Practices that Enhance Connectedness: Themes Toward the Development of an Instrument - Mark A. Lamport & Paula J. Bartolo



Teacher Passion and Distance Education Theory - Scott W. Greenberger

Stealth Learning: Unexpected Learning Opportunities Through Games - Laura A. Sharp

Impact of Hybrid Instruction on Student Achievement in Post-Secondary Institutions: A Synthetic Review of the Literature - Mark A. Lamport & Randy J. Hill

Teaching Generation TechX with the 4Cs: Using Technology to Integrate 21st Century Skills - Jennifer Levin-Goldberg

Is Hybrid Education and Videoconferencing the Wave of the Future for Online Courses? - Joe Popma