University Assessment Committee

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) identifies assessment goals for the University, provides discussion and assistance in the development of assessment tools, and assists with creating a culture of assessment at GCU. The membership of this committee is representative of the diversity of GCU's colleges and departments. The individual committee members work collaboratively to identify and develop assessment tools, and serve as liaisons in communicating assessment strategies and building a culture of assessment in their respective colleges or departments.

Purpose and Scope

It is the purpose and responsibility of the University Assessment Committee to ensure Grand Canyon University focuses on learner-centered assessment as a best practice. Therefore, the UAC is charged with assessing the accomplishment of the University's goals as set forth in the Mission Statements as well as program and General Education Core Skills goals. The UAC is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the assessment efforts of individual Colleges.

The assessment process requires establishing the outcomes to be measured, selecting and/or creating measurement instruments, determining measurement criteria, and using the data to generate changes for improvement. The UAC uses this process to annually review the four areas of the Mission Statement and analyze the General Education Core Skills and program goals on a rotating basis. While many of these factors can be assessed and analyzed at the institutional level, some must be assessed at the course and program levels. Student learning outcomes for specific courses, majors, and programs are the responsibility of the relevant College, and the UAC provides assistance and guidance wherever required. 


The membership of the UAC includes the Director of Academic Assessment as Chair, representatives from each College (CAS, CDS, COE, CON, COFAP, and KBCOB), and representative administrative personnel.