Operation Impact - Assessment and Commitment at GCU

Grand Canyon University has always maintained a strong relationship with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). This relationship has been invaluable over the years, and it has helped strengthen the operations of our academic institution.

GCU has a proud history of true commitment and dedication for student learning. The HLC Assessment Academy continues to help the university strengthen this commitment as we collaborate with our accrediting partner, who has provided significant support in the past.

At GCU, we believe the university will serve as a model for other institutions to develop improved practices through HLC guidance. This belief can be validated through an analysis of our overall institutional assessment strategy and a demonstration of our commitment.

Operation Impact is an institution-wide project that reinforces the university's proactive commitment to its assessment strategy. Through a range of initiatives involving stakeholders from every level of this institution, we intend to establish a centralized set of best practices and optimize our operations and people for the constant improvement of student learning. We regard this evolution as the foundation of a true culture of assessment. 

This model will transition us from multiple discrete assessment activities to an integrated series of assessment behaviors. 

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Operation Impact - Overview

  • Phase l  Our Assessment Story - Current State Analysis and Stakeholder Awareness
  • Phase ll  Collaboration and Training - Enhancing Collaboration and Ownership
  • Phase lll  Integration - Developing Scalable, Consistent and Actionable Processes
  • Phase lV  Validation - Optimizing Academic Analytics in Sustainable Assessment Behaviors

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