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Academic Compliance

Students are responsible for understanding and following all applicable University policies and procedures.  However, in some cases, a student may appeal an academically related University policy or decision, including tuition, fees or end of course grades. The appeal process is designed to offer the student the opportunity to be heard. Appeals are reviewed in the order in which they are received. All aspects of a student's situation are researched and all documentation provided is taken into consideration. After all relevant data is gathered, the appeals are routed to the appropriate determining body for decision. All requests for additional documentation will be sent to the students GCU email account, as well as other email addresses on file with the university. Please note if a student is asked to provide documentation, their appeal is closed until that documentation is received. Students are notified of the appeal outcome by official letter from the University, and phone call contact. The letters are sent to the address on file with the University.

If you have been academically suspended from the University please complete the appropriate reinstatement form:

Request for Reinstatement  

If you are filing an academic appeal for reasons other than reinstatement, please contact your Academic or Financial Counselor for assistance with filing a grievance at 1.800.800.9776.