Army ROTC Scholarships

Army ROTC Scholarships

As you consider your opportunities at Grand Canyon University, you are invited to also explore the opportunities offered by the GCU Military Science Department. We offer all eligible GCU students the opportunity to apply for an Army ROTC scholarship. The Army ROTC scholarship is one of the most accessible and generous scholarships in the Nation. 

What is ROTC?

  • Comprehensive Leadership Program. You'll learn the principles of leadership, management, and problem-solving - skills that will help you as an Army Officer or down the road in the corporate world.
  • Fraternal Organization. Create lifelong friendships and bonds inside and outside of the training environment, loyalty among your peers, and opportunities to participate in club activities.
  • When you graduate from college, you will receive an officer commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and the opportunity serve in the most respected and most powerful ground force in the world.


  • 3.0 Hour Class used as an elective towards your degree
  • Class meets 1x week; Lab meets Tuesday morning 6 - 8 am; Physical Training meets Mon, Wed, and Fri - 6 - 7 am
  • One Field Training Exercise (FTX) a semester over a weekend (Nov and Apr)

Scholarship Prerequisites

  • US citizen
  • AGE: 17 years of age by 1 October of the calendar year your scholarship begins
  • GPA 2.7 or higher
  • ACT score of 21 or SAT score of 1120 or higher.
  • Be in good health. Pass a Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board physical.
  • Be of good moral character (satisfactorily explain any record of arrest and/or civil conviction).
  • Not when you apply, but before you actually receive your approved scholarship benefits, you must meet our height/weight standards and be able to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.
  • Females: Push-ups: 19 in 2 mins.; Sit-ups: 53 in 2 mins.; 2-mile run: 18:54
  • Males: Push-ups: 42 in 2 mins.; Sit-ups: 53 in 2 mins.; 2-mile run: 15:54

Scholarships are available at Grand Canyon University

An Army ROTC scholarship at GCU is worth more than 25K a year!! All eligible students are able to compete for a scholarship. These candidates have been rigorously screened throughout the application process and possess nearly all of the scholar-athlete-leader traits necessary to become a successful Army Officer.

  • 100% Tuition and Fees for up to 10 semesters (5 years)
  • $1200/year towards books ($600.00 per semester)
  • MONTHLY, tax-free stipend allowance for your personal use: $300 (freshman); $350 (sophomore); $450 (junior); and, $500 (senior).
  • Plus: Grand Canyon ROTC scholarship students may be eligible for a GCU Room and Board Scholarship for a shared dorm on campus ($3,500-$7,000 per year).


  • Nurse Summer Training Program - a 3-week, 120-hour clinical rotation in an Army hospital working one-on-one with an Army nurse preceptor/instructor, which may reduce clinical hours in senior courses.
  • Extras: Nurse malpractice insurance, immunization and testing prior to beginning clinical training, nursing uniform and clinical supply allowance, NCLEX-RN review course and testing fees, and more.

Note: Army ROTC scholarships are based on your own merit, not on need and are awarded independently of other scholarships, grants, or financial aid. 

The Obligation

8 years total. 4 years on active duty; 4 years in the active reserve components or Individual Ready Reserves (not active reserves). Know for sure you want to go into the Army Reserves or National Guard - we have those scholarships as well. 

How to Apply

  • From High School - log onto; click on scholarships and apply online.
    • Create a free, MY GOARMY account.
    • Once created, click on the "ROTC 4-Year Scholarship Application" radio button. You'll also be able to check the status of your application from your account.
    • List Army ROTC as a test score recipient on your test forms: SAT - 0454; ACT - 1676. You should also list as recipients those schools at which you are planning to apply.
  • All others - contact the GCU on-campus ROTC Officer by phone at (602) 639-7016; email to, or visit the campus office located in Camelback Hall, ROTC, Room 37-100. (NOTE: there is no commitment just for applying.)
  • From MIS 101 Class in the Fall - see the GCU on-campus ROTC Officer 

Don't Know if the Army is for you?

Non-scholarship students can try Army ROTC for up to 2 years with no obligation while they work towards a college degree either at GCU or one of the Maricopa Community Colleges. Just sign up for MSL 101 in the fall or MS 102 in the spring.

For more information contact:
Phone:  602.639.7016
Address: GCU ROTC
Camelback Hall, ROTC, Room 37-100
Phoenix, AZ 85017