Financing Your Education

Financial Aid is a very popular choice, and Federal Direct Loans are available to almost everyone. Payment plans are also available. If you are a veteran or active in the military there is also assistance for you. In addition to these options, there are many grants and scholarships offered outside of the institution. Finally, Grand Canyon offers limited scholarships to students who qualify.

With all these options, you're sure to find a method that works for you. Your Student Services Advisor will work to help complete the funding options you choose.


Private Loans Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan
Federal Perkins Loan Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan
Federal Direct Loans Loan Requirements


GCU offers a variety of scholarships available for all students to help support their educational goals
Campus Scholarships

Loans vs. Grants

Loans must be repaid and are awarded based on a student's grade level. Loans are subject to credits earned and weeks of instructional time. 

To remain eligible for federal funding, students cannot be out of attendance for a period greater than 14 days. Please call your Student Services Advisor anytime there is a change in your schedule or you anticipate attendance issues.

Most grants do not have to be repaid and are awarded based on need. The Pell award period is from July 1 through June 30 each year. Pell Grants are subject to credits earned and weeks of instructional time.

Any outside funding source (tuition reimbursement, scholarships, gifts, alternative loans, etc.) will be applied to a student's total Cost of Attendance (COA) when determining award amounts and must be reported in all cases.

Aggregate lifetime limit for a dependent undergraduate is $31,000, for an independent undergraduate is $57,500 and for graduate is $138,500.


Tuition & Fees

FAFSA- 7 Easy Steps

This tutorial guides students and parents through the FAFSA process. 
Each step offers a quick overview and helpful tips to complete the application.       
The Grand Canyon University School Code required in
step 2 is 001074

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