FAFSA Verification

Were you selected for verification? Verification is a process used to verify the accuracy of the information submitted on the FAFSA. Some students are selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education. Others are selected by the school. If you were selected by the Department of Education you will be notified in your Student Aid Report.

Why is your file being verified?

There are several possibilities for being selected for FAFSA verification. Keep in mind that more possibilities exist, but the following are the main reasons for being selected:

  • You were selected randomly.
  • The submitted FAFSA application has incomplete data.
  • The data on the FAFSA application appears to contradict itself.
  • The FAFSA application has estimated information on it.

What needs to be done after the selection?

After you receive notification that you have been selected for verification, you should first read any messages from the Department of Education appearing on the Student Aid Report. Contact your Student Services Advisor if you have any questions. Next please collect any documents requested of you. These could include a variety of different documents such as any Federal Tax W2s, transcripts, or verification worksheets. The type of documents required will vary from student to student, and not all students selected for FAFSA verification will have to submit the same documents. Once you have all the documentation requested please submit them to your Student Services Advisor . Do not turn in any documentation that was not requested. For example, if you turn in too many tax schedules and it shows information that the FAFSA has not asked for, Financial Aid will be obligated to use that additional information in calculating need.

What happens if there are discrepancies in the application?

After you turn in all required documents, they will be compared with your Student Aid Report. If errors are found, corrections will be made. If the errors are significant enough to change your awards, you will be notified of the changes. 

If you are selected for FAFSA verification, you need to return the information and requested documentation as soon as possible. Processing usually takes 30 days but could take longer at the start of a new aid year. Because verification must be completed in advance of disbursing any money from any financial aid program, it is vital to send complete and correct information as quickly as possible. Above all else, don't be upset because you were selected for verification. This is a process that is required by the federal government. (Errors discovered in your report could actually increase your eligibility for more aid.)

You may be asked to provide additional information. GCU has provided copies of some forms that are commonly asked for. 

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