Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

The Direct Parent PLUS Loan is offered to parent(s) of students enrolled at least half time in an Undergraduate program of study at Grand Canyon University. PLUS loans differ from other Federal and Perkins Loans in that it can cover a larger amount of costs and the commitment is undertaken by the parent, rather than the student.

  • Parents Interested in Applying for a PLUS Loan - access the online PLUS MPN at studentloans.gov

Sign in/Create your account - you will need your social security number and your Department of Education PIN number. If you do not have a PIN or have forgotten it, the site will assist you in obtaining/recovering the PIN number. 

Go to Master Promissory Note Section

  • Click on Complete MPN link
  • Select the type of loan you are requesting
  • Complete the application, selecting Arizona, Grand Canyon University for school information
  • Electronically sign the application