Health Insurance at Grand Canyon University

In 2014, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) required United States residents to acquire and maintain health insurance coverage. Grand Canyon University expects students to comply with federal regulations and provides two unique opportunities to support students and their families with the acquisition and maintaining of health insurance coverage:

  • GoHealth is a customized marketplace for GCU students to obtain coverage when a qualifying event occurs. The plans available on this marketplace meet the federal exchange requirements, are accepted at GCU's health center and provide coverage to out of state students while residing in Arizona. GoHealth is an ideal resource for students who are exploring insurance options and reside in Phoenix during the school year.

  • Aetna Health Insurance provides an opportunity for certain students to obtain a 'bronze' benefit level of coverage without a qualifying event (as traditionally defined). The coverage with Aetna can be reviewed by clicking this link.

    GCU's Aetna premium for each semester can be reviewed here.

    Athletes and students in the following programs are required to provide proof of coverage:
  • Theatre Education
  • Theatre
  • Dance Education
  • Counseling
  • Pre-licensure Nursing
  • Athletic Training
Download the waiver here

All international students are required to take the coverage provided by Aetna and cannot waive this requirement.

Determining your eligibility for coverage and the plan that works best for you depends on a number of factors.  Please expand the table below to determine the best place to start.

Though not required, Grand Canyon University encourages all students who relocate from out of state to Phoenix, Arizona, for the first time to take the necessary steps to ensure their insurance program works in Arizona.  Relocating to Arizona is a qualifying event, so students are eligible to make adjustments to coverage within 60 days of relocating. 

To research the applicability of coverage, on GoHealth, or when researching your current insurance provider, please use the university's zip code: 85017

For fall 2015 and beyond, GCU requires proof of health insurance coverage for students enrolled in programs that put them at higher risk for illness or injury than other students. 

What is a Qualifying Event?
Students can only enroll in the GoHealth plans under certain circumstances throughout the year.  For example, when you experience an event in your life such as moving to another state, losing your current health coverage or getting married or divorced, these are called qualifying events. When you experience a qualifying event, you qualify to enroll in one of the GoHealth plans. Important to note: You only have 60 days from the date the life event happened to enroll.  

See the following table to determine whether enrollment in GCU's Aetna program is required. If enrollment in GCU's Aetna program is not required, the following table also provides available options for coverage.

Health Insurance Requirements Table

More Information About Health Insurance Options
About GoHealth's Coverage Options:
GoHealth allows you to compare plans and rates online from multiple carriers side by side. Select from more than 151 insurance plans available for use in Arizona. This free service makes it easy to research, compare and buy a health insurance plan that fits your individual needs. You can also speak with a licensed GoHealth Insurance Advisor at no cost to get plan recommendations.  For more information, please click here.

About Aetna's Coverage:
GCU has partnered with Aetna, to offer a 'bronze' level of coverage program that has a higher deductible and co-pay structure, but provides coverage for most catastrophic events. It also works with GCU's health center for little additional cost to students. This plan meets the minimum requirements as established through the PPACA. 

For clarification purposes, international students attending GCU's ground campus in a day-time or evening program must purchase the coverage via Aetna.  International students are ineligible to waive the coverage.

A Special Note to International Students