Frequently Asked Questions – Parking

You likely have a number of questions regarding parking at Grand Canyon University. The following FAQs should answer many of your questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact Campus Operations at 602-639-6527.


Do I need to purchase the decal/permit now?

I have read the rules and regulations, is there a grace period at the start of the semester before they are in effect?

Where can a residential student park and what is the price?

Where can a non-residential student park and what is the price?

Where can a student attending night/weekend (cohort) classes* park and what are the prices?

What are the hours for the various lots?

Can the charge for the decal/permit be applied to my student account?

I do not have a credit card, how do I use the web site?

I prefer not to use the web site, can I purchase the permit on Campus?

I don’t know my vehicle information (plate, make, year, etc.) can I go online and purchase a decal/permit?

I only attend night/weekend classes - do I need a decal/permit?

I attend classes online - do I need a decal/permit if I plan to come to campus?

Can a residential student park in the parking garage?

If I do not purchase a permit, where can I park?

My parents may visit me at campus, where do they park?

I have a disability placard for my vehicle, do I have to purchase a permit and is there anything that I need to do once I get to campus?

Where are handicapped spaces located?

Where do I place the decal?

If I receive a citation, how do I pay it?

I understand that there are vehicles available for rent on campus, how do I learn about that?

Once I have completed the purchase process online, how long will it take for the decal to arrive at my location?

I own more than one vehicle, can I get extra decals?

If I have a car cover for my vehicle, can I use it while parked on campus?

I ride a motorcycle with no windshield, where do I place the decal?

Where do motorcycles park on campus?

I am a student worker, can I get an employee parking permit?

When I went online to purchase the permit, the system only showed non-resident permits available – and I am a campus resident. What do I do?

I only come to campus a few times per semester, are there any parking meters available, so I do not have to purchase a permit?

I am a non-resident and have a high profile vehicle that will not fit in the garage, where do I park?

I sold my vehicle and did not remove the decal, what do I do?