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What You Need To Know


Registration and Fee Payment Method

  • Students, Faculty and Staff must register for their parking permits online and pay in full with a credit card. For anyone that does not have access to a computer and internet access, kiosks are available in the Campus Operations office.
  • Permits are issued for specific terms (usually fall, spring and summer); if spring semester permits are issued, they will cover the period of time accepted as summer term.
  • Students who have handicapped placards or plates must provide documentation to the Student Disability Services office.

Refund Policy

  • A student who pays in full for a permit and leaves the university during the first two weeks of the term, will be eligible to receive a refund if the permit is returned.
  • For students that graduate in December, a refund may be requested for half of the permit cost. Contact the Campus Operations office (602-639-6527) to request a refund prior to the last day of January following graduation. 

Parking Permits

Parking permits are issued for a specific area or lot. All parking permits must be displayed in the lower portion of the windshield/drivers side when parking on campus. Permits are intended to be affixed to the windshield and must be visible to parking enforcement at all times when the vehicle is on campus. Failure to display a permit could result in your vehicle being cited or wheel-locked.

  • Permits may be transferred and used on more than one vehicle but cannot be used on more than one vehicle at a time. You are responsible for your permit at all times and all citations written while your permit is displayed. When transferring your permit to another vehicle - the vehicle information must be entered into the parking management system.
  •  Permits that are stolen will be replaced for a $10.00 fee. A police report describing forcible entry must be presented before a stolen permit will be replaced.
  • Permit replacement or exchanges, at the request of the owner, will be charged an exchange fee of $10.00.
  • All permits are the property of Grand Canyon University and must be surrendered upon separation or at the request of the University. Permits are not to be given, resold, or transferred to another individual.
  • A vehicle may display only one permit type.
  • Persons who provide false information are subject to referral to Student Affairs, loss of any future permit privileges, forfeiture of permit fee, and may be subject to criminal charges. An additional fine may be assessed for a fraudulently obtained permit. The Public Safety department reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify address, affiliation and vehicle registration.
  • Handicapped parking permits which are discovered as being used by someone other than the student to whom they are issued are subject to revocation.