TaskStream is package of tools that allows the College of Education learner to create an electronic portfolio that can be used to showcase learning achievements. All learners must have an account in TaskStream that has been customized to meet the requirements of the particular program in which the learner is enrolled. The e-Portfolio is contributed to throughout the Program of Study as course benchmark assessments or signature assignments are uploaded into it. In addition, learners can upload files, pictures, video and links to other websites to customize it. The e-Portfolio can be shared with others, during a job interview for instance and published to the Web. The e-Portfolio is the final assessment of learners in all College of Education programs. At graduation, each learner's e-Portfolio is evaluated for completion.

Learners: If your current course is missing from your e-Portfolio, please contact your Academic Counselor immediately.


TaskStream Policy Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions

TaskStream Subscription Tips
Logging In
Sending an Email View  (Students use this in Weeks 1 or 2 of class)
Adding Rationale to Each Submission (First step before submission)
Selecting Standards (Second step before submitting)
Adding and Submitting Benchmark Requirements

Canceling Submissions

GCU Student Guide

Subscription Renewal Code

Lesson Plan Builder

Publish Your ePortfolio
Rubric Wizard

Faculty:  Faculty Members should refer to the TaskStream materials in the Faculty Resource Center found in the Classroom Resources under College Information. 

TaskStream Subscription Information

Students enrolled in EDU210 or EDU310 and UNV501 will now be required to setup a TaskStream account as part of an assignment. Both classes have a folder named "TaskStream Resources" with instructions guiding students through the account creation process. Students will be able to see the TaskStream Resources folder but will not gain access until the appropriate week as required by the curriculum.

They will no longer need to pay when setting up their TaskStream account. GCU will bill the student's account for their three year subscription. If you have questions, please contact your academic counselor.

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