2011-2012 Officers



Nicole Swartwout

Nicole is a Junior Biology Major with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine at Grand Canyon University. She brings years of leadership and healthcare experience to this student organization. She is an excelling student, mentor and volunteer. Her focuses include community service, integrative research and student occupation networking. Her future goals are to be accepted into an Osteopathic School of Medicine and later continue on to focus her career in Pediatric Oncology treatment and research.

 As the President elect for 2011-2012 GCU HOSA, Nicole has ambitious goals for both the organization and the student community as a whole. Currently, the GCU AZ HOSA chapter is the largest in the Nation! This year, Nicole hopes to work hand in hand with the student leadership team and faculty mentors to not only make GCU AZ HOSA the best chapter in the nation, but also an exemplarily chapter that will help mentor and form future post secondary chapters across the nation! Together, we can create a student organization that supports, develops and networks our future healthcare providers!

Please contact Nicole or any of the leadership team today to learn more about the vast opportunities that GCU AZ HOSA has in store for you!


Vice President

Joshua Ostrand

I first enrolled in Grand Canyon University in Fall 2009. I had transferred from a Junior College in Lexington Missouri because I needed to further my education and find what it was I really wanted to do. It also helps that my mother graduated from here and said wonderful things about GCU. Once I was on campus I was unsure what I wanted specifically and found GCU AZHOSA. It was the first year HOSA was on campus so I wasn't the only one who didn't know what it was. Now on our third year, HOSA and I are becoming much more than what we started to be. We are both making a name for ourselves and developing what it is that we want to become.  I am not only looking forward to what this year will bring for me but, also the others that will carry HOSA farther and higher than we leave it.



Jessica Barajas

My name is Jessica Barajas, I'm the 2011-2012 GCU AZHOSA secretary! I am committed to serve our fellow members and work with the executive board to provide community and opportunity for our members. I help out with the Ambassador program, I am dedicated to informing new or prospective members about GCU AZHOSA. I joined HOSA to be a part of something greater, and ran for secretary to serve the community of amazing people that has given me so much more than I can put in words. With that being said, I hope that you will not hesitate to contact me for anything on you need or that is on your mind!



Courtney Canner 


Academic Excellence Chair

Jonathan Parris

Jon started his college career at GCU in the fall of 2009 right after his high school graduation. From day one he was positive his major would be Biology with emphasis in Pre-medicine and it still is today. When Jon is not in class or at work he spends his time mountain biking or golfing. Aside from school and work, Jon is also committed to an alternative rock band named "We Were Strangers", formally "Good Luck Stranger". They are composed of a female lead vocalist, lead guitar, bass, drums and rhythm guitar where Jon takes his role.

After graduation from GCU Jon plans on joining the Navy and going to medical school. Once in the Navy he will be an officer during his time in medical school and wants to specialize in reconstructive surgery. Jon's goals with the Navy are to learn discipline and to be taught medicine through a military perspective. As of now Jon will either stick with the Navy to continue practicing medicine on the soldiers or he will want to open his own practice as a plastic surgeon somewhere in Arizona, most likely Scottsdale.


Fundraising Chair

Jaime Kerpan

Hello my name is Jaimie Kerpan and I am a sophomore here at GCU. I will be representing AzHOSA this year as the Fundraising Chair! I am majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Physician's Assistant. I hope to one day become a Physician's Assistant and then further my career from there. As a student worker in the TELL Science building, I have been able to get to know the teachers and the deans on a more personal level. I know that having this job will help with my AzHOSA leadership position. AzHOSA was a blast last year and I am very excited to be on leadership this year! I know I can be a great contributor and I look forward to working with you all!


Student Community Chair

Lindsey Fernandez


Public Service Chair Co-Chair

Danielle Tedesco

My name is Danielle Tedesco and I am a pre-med major at GCU. I will be this year's public service chair along with Jennifer Garfield! We will be working together to design a schedule of volunteer events for the school year.  I know many of you will be looking for service opportunities because it stands out on applications and can greatly impact our own lives. Feel free to contact me with any questions about events or finding a volunteer program/organization to work with. I look forward to meeting you all.


Public Service Co-Chair

Jennifer Garfield

My name is Jennifer Garfield and I am one of the Public Service Co-Chairs in HOSA. I'm a Sophomore at Grand Canyon University and am majoring in Pre-Physicians Assistant. I'm very committed to helping out in any way I can with our leadership team! I enjoy organizing and volunteering at public service events. I'm always up for the job and I'll do my best to complete any task that is thrown my way! Alongside with helping HOSA, I also work at a chiropractic clinic as a certified chiropractic assistant. I love my job! It's rewarding to watch a patient progress from the day they step in our office, until the time they leave. After I graduate from Grand Canyon University I plan on attending Midwestern University to get my Master's Degree. I look forward to meeting the HOSA members of 2011-2012!


Lead Student Ambassador

Logan Guess

My name is Logan Guess and I am the Lead Student Ambassador for HOSA. I am a native to Arizona and attended Verrado High School. I am a sophomore at Grand Canyon University and am majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy. I plan on attending Midwestern University to obtain my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I am a very dedicated student and am willing to help out in anything that I can. In my spare time I enjoy traveling to our cabin and being out it the woods. I have a passion for working out so I am constantly at the gym or out running. When I have time I love to ride my horses or work with them. I look forward to meeting all of you and hope to help make your experience in HOSA as enjoyable as mine is.



Lindsey Scott



Faculty Mentor
Haley Peebles

Haley Peebles, Associate Professor, has worked for Grand Canyon University for the past  6 years. She teaches Human dissection, Anatomy and Physiology with integrated use of Cadavers and Pathophysiology. Haley graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Human Biology degree and Master of Science in Leadership and is finish Doctorate in Health Education. She is interested in all Healthcare related fields and is the advisor to the GCU Chapter of AZHOSA. The GCU AZHOSA was created by merging individual clubs such as Pre-Med and Pre-PA to build a team of students who are interested in making a difference in all Healthcare Professions. Haley has a passion for teaching which comes from being able to have an interactive relationship with students. She has a continuous hunger for knowledge and wants to continue her education in Business and the Medical Profession.


Faculty Mentor
Donna Gerakos