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SnatsThe Student National Association of Teachers of Singing (S-NATS), GCU Chapter is dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of the vocal art; to furthering student knowledge and awareness of scholarship, vocal pedagogy, skills of performance and giving and receiving professional information that is accessible to passionate students who intend to teach singing. We explore genres and styles beyond classical voice technique, including belting and microphone techniques. We give each other practical opportunities in teaching a variety of vocal styles and take advantage of the digital age to virtually attend webinars and conference sessions with global leaders in the art of singing, styling, teaching and interpreting classical and contemporary genres.

Meeting Time and Location
Every other Monday
3:45 - 4:45 p.m.
Building 43 - 104
2014 Event Schedule
2015 Event Schedule

Officer Information  

Gavin Ely

Andrea Stepp

Vice President
Ashley Laneri

(Luis) Fernando Ruiz

Dr. Rachel Velarde



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