ASGU Legislative Branch

The Senate is the deliberative body from which all authority vested in the Association originates. The Senate quorum shall be one-half (½) the number of Senators eligible to vote, plus one (1). The Senate has the powers and responsibilities to:

  1. Represent the voice of the student body.
  2. Recommend to the University Executive Team proposed legislation for approval or rejection regarding University life, policies, and concerns of the student body.
  3. Approve the budget for the Association before submission.
  4. Override an executive veto or decision by a two-thirds (2/3) majority.
  5. Approve or reject outside individuals or organizations to circulate petitions or referenda among the students.
  6. Approve the solicitation of donations and any other resources from students by or for any outside organization.
  7. Authorize the use of the name of the Association by any programs for sponsorship purposes.
  8. Approve or disapprove requests by political candidates to obtain access to the University in the absence of other recognition from sponsoring organizations or units within the University (this decision is subject to University policies and procedures governing access to the campus of outside individuals or organizations).
  9. Remove any officer from the Association (the Senate will follow the impeachment process set forth in the Bylaws).
  10. Retain all powers vested in the Association that are not specifically delegated in the Constitution and Bylaws.
  11. Approve the mission statements of all Association boards and committees, except those specifically created by executive order and those whose mission statements are contained in a manual approved by the board or committee.