Below you will find committees that fulfill a Senator's committee requirement. As the year moves along more committee's will be formed and we would love to have your support and help. If you are interested in serving on an ASGCU committee please contact the ASGCU office to get more information.

Executive Advisory Board
The Executive Advisory Board shall make recommendations to the Senate regarding the student body with respect to issues directly requiring the attention of University Administration. The Executive Advisory Board shall also act as an advisory committee, independent of the senate, to the University Executive Team. The Executive Advisory Board will make recommendations on issues and policies directly pertaining to the student body. Recommendations made to the University Executive Team in this capacity will not require review or approval of the Senate. The President chairs this committee.

Senate Nominations and Elections Committee

The Senate Nominations and Elections Committee will serve as the oversight and advisory body for nominations and elections. It will be a committee of the Senate. The Parliamentarian chairs this committee under the general supervision of the Associations advisor.