Canyon Crazies Club

The Canyon Crazies Club (CCC) open to all GCU ground students and is the fan club for all of our Athletic teams. It is the core of the new student section: The ThunderZone! It consists of students, athletes, sports fans, and anyone else with school spirit who likes to have fun cheering on their teams and meeting new people.
We support our teams at each Home competition (and even some Away) with the passion and flare that can only be seen at GCU. Whether it's a creative cheer that pumps up our players or a funny chant that distracts the opposing team, Lope fans make a difference in the game. Anytime a coach says after a win, "Thank you fans for all of your encouragement. You changed the outcome of the game for us," you know the student section is doing its job. Be a part of the craziest group of college students in the nation!

By joining the club you:
• Receive a Thunder Zone T-shirt.
• Become eligible for different prizes for attending athletic events.
• Can participate in CCC events.
• Receive priority benefits in being part of the Thunder Zone.

It costs $15 per semester (or $25 upfront for the year) to become a member and that earns you access to the benefits listed above. But there is no other obligation once you are a member! Just attend as many games as you can and be a great Lope fan!
Also, the club officer positions listed below are a great way to learn leadership and management skills and being a CCC officer comes with other benefits such as free membership and an extra ThunderZone T-shirt! They include:

• President
• VP
• Treasurer
• MAC Officer (Marketing, Advertising, and Communications)
• Event Planner
• And Crazy Captains!

If you want to join or apply to be an Officer, you can fill out and turn in the Membership Form or Officer Application at the Office of Student Life in the Student Union. The money must be turned into Student Life eventually, but you can sign up now and pay later (you just don't get your T-shirt or prizes until you do).
If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or would like to become a Club Officer, contact Dan Ballenger in Student Life at 602.639.7673. 

2011-2012 Club Officers

Jarod Bearden

Vice President
Dave Edmond

Alexa Pena

MAC Officer
Ayko Santiago

Event Planner
Yaritsah Ramirez

Faculty Advisor
Dan Ballenger