Leading Innovation in the 21st Century with a Business Degree

Founded on the belief that the entrepreneurial dream is an engine that drives innovation forward in a global marketplace, the Colangelo College of Business educates and develops values driven business leaders. Our graduates exemplify the principles of servant leadership and entrepreneurship. With a depth of program offerings, GCU's strong Christian identity informs the education you receive, integrating our Christian values within the business curriculum.

The college features more than 25 programs from the bachelor through the master's level, catering to traditional, evening and online college students. Our programs serve a diverse set of aspiring business professionals, leaders and executives. The business schools ACBSP accreditation reinforces our commitment to teaching excellence and student learning outcomes.

Providing over 25 Leadership and Business Degrees

Undergraduate Business Degrees

  • Sports Management: From the front office of a sports franchise to a company that markets athletic products, GCU's sports management program caters to the broader sports industry.
  • Business Management: Learn organizational development and the practical aspects of organizational change for the 21st century.
  • Business Intelligence: Explore data-privacy and IT governance in a data driven corporate world.

MBA Degrees

  • MBA (no emphasis)Study advanced management and strategic decision making through a case based practical approach to learning.
  • Finance emphasis: Explore financial decision making and corporate investment strategy.
  • Strategic Human Resource Management emphasis: Learn advanced concepts that align with the academic standards established by the Society of HR Management (SHRM).
  • Health Systems Management emphasis: Study practical financial analysis and managerial decision making processes in the context of health care polices and economics.
  • Project Management Emphasis: Learn the building blocks of organizing large scale planning efforts that seamlessly integrate corporate resources, budgets and lines of communication.
  • Sports Business: Focused on understanding management within sports this program is designed to create future sports business leaders.

Graduate Business Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Please visit GCU's College of Doctoral Studies for a full offering of our business focused doctorates.

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