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Testimonials from EMBA Students

Melissa Holdaway
Class of 2008
Chief Operating Officer
The Arizona Charter Academy and Superior School

"I am very grateful for the chance I have had to interact with each member of our class this last week. The delivery system for this EMBA has caused me to appreciate and enjoy each member of our co-hort. The comradery and friendship I have felt from this fine group of people has been as valuable to me as the learning has been. This course has had a profound change on my focus at work. With a degree in production operations and then of necessity switching my focus to marketing, I have been mentally stuck in the processes that make business work and have not been very effective in managing the human component of business. This course has taught me that business is all about people and processes are a far distant second. I am amazed at how my current mindset and daily concerns are so very different from when this course began. I felt compelled to enroll in this program and I now, at the half way point, can plainly see the adjustments that my life needed to become a force for good in the lives of others..."

Mike Easley
Powder River Energy Corporation

"The EMBA program's unique focus on, and balance of, servant leadership and core business skills has changed my life, and my company...all for the better. This program can help you and your organization become high performing while at the same time taking good care of and serving those around you."

Mike Easley Ken Blanchard EMBA Alumni

Fred Cuen
Class of 2008
Sr. Vice President
Avnet Technology Solutions

"The Executive MBA program gave me the opportunity to institute servant leadership leading to increased profits, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. The key to the program is balancing the business levers for optimizing and sustaining business success."

Argie Gomez

"Since receiving my EMBA at Grand Canyon University, I am now the company's CFO. In this role, I am responsible for our non-profit programs and for-profit business subsidiaries, which requires me to regularly leverage the information I learned during my master's program. I thoroughly enjoy the work I'm doing and am confident in my ability to successfully manage our cash, debt, bank relationships, as well as human resources."

Argie Gomez, Ken Blanchard EMBA Alumni

Dionne N. Arceneaux
Human Resources Director/Benefits Manager
Living World Bible Church

Dionne Arceneaux, Ken Blanchard EMBA Alumni"After the EMBA program helped me adjust my thinking with regard to how I do business and how I lead, I was able to make my greatest assets (my team members) my priority. As a Servant Leader who now focuses on my team members and fostering an environment where they can succeed and thrive, I've discovered they work harder and are happier in their assignments. No leader can be successful alone; I learned to focus on them and they in return focused on our products and services helping us realize tremendous growth. I'm a happier, more confident leader and my team members more productive partners keeping our vision strong. I changed because of this program! Thanks GCU!"

Kevin Bullard
IT Manager

"After finishing the EMBA program, I gained much-needed confidence and knowledge lead and interface with the senior management team at my organization. The theory and its application allowed me to see the organization from their perspective. I have used my learnings to found and lead a thriving marriage education & coaching organization. I regularly draw on what I learned during the EMBA program, and am still grateful for the opportunity I had to learn with a dynamic group of friends."


Kevin Bullard

Arthur Blinci
Vice President
Adventist Risk Management

"The EMBA teaches you how to leverage the skills and talents of people through ethically based leadership that can be practically applied in any organization."

Arthur Blinci Ken Blanchard EMBA Alumni