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About the Canyon Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Canyon Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (CJIS) is an online publication, released three times per year, which spotlights the incredible student and faculty research happening among all disciplines at Grand Canyon University. The CJIS is published through the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching. Through this ongoing collaborative publication, important empirical and theoretical research will come forward and ultimately bring together communities of scholars; be they post-secondary faculty, students, and researchers.


Issue 1, Volume 1, 2012

Social Responsibility and the Morality of Profits- Swinton W. Hudson, Jr.

Revolutionary Rx: Servant Leadership and the Pharmaceuticals Industry- Michelle Hutchison

Gain as an Ethical Imperative- Albert G. Ceren, IV

Promoting Community Service and global awareness through gamucation- Laura A. Sharp

The Lived Experiences of General and Special Education Teachers in Inclusion Classrooms: A Phenomenological Study- Rinyka Allison

Putting God Back into Work: Calling, Vocation, and Service to the Divine- Ted Cross MA, MSed