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Message from the Dean

We welcome you to an innovative doctoral experience that connects faculty and learners in a vibrant learning community. It offers learners and faculty the opportunity for an accelerated, collaborative and meaningful doctoral journey. Our integrated curriculum enhances the appreciation of theory, research and practice. The scholarly application of theory and the emphasis to identify a dissertation topic early in the course of study provides learners with a unique perspective, creating new knowledge that informs practice. The result is passionate professionals who value enhancing their leadership, critical thinking, knowledge and effective communication in order to develop themselves and the contributions they can make in the world. The curriculum is embedded with skill development throughout the doctoral journey. Students concurrently work on their content expertise, research interests and abilities and enlarge their leadership perspective.

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Our novel online Doctoral Community (DC) Network provides a unique scholarly network for learners, faculty and alumni to develop research across disciplines, geography and the life of the program.  This community fosters collaboration through the doctoral process and is supported by faculty, methodologists, alumni, fellow learners and doctoral librarians for the development of meaningful dissertations.  

The College of Doctoral Studies is a learning organization - a vibrant community where all learners, stakeholders and practices are focused on continual improvement and excellence.  By building a community of learning, we provide the conditions for learner success as well as the foundation that enables our graduates to positively impact their profession and communities.  To attain a doctorate is not to add letters behind your name - it is to live differently in the world and make a significant difference.

We welcome you to our community as we continue to define doctoral education for the 21st century.