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The GCU Institutional Review uses IRBNet, a secure web-based software management system for reviewing and managing human subjects research. IRBNet's online management tools allow for electronic document management and submissions, protocol sharing and collaboration, electronic signatures, and project audit capabilities. IRBNet's web-based system is ideal for virtual research teams providing 24/7 accessibility for the GCU research community.

All studies submitted to the GCU Institutional Review Board must be submitted electronically through New protocols, continuations, modifications etc will not be accepted on paper.

Please refer to the following information on how to get started with IRBNet or contact the Office for Research and Dissertations for additional information.


How do I register as a new user?    

How do I submit a new IRB application

How do I submit amendments, continuing reviews or any additional information to my IRB?

Step by Step

How to submit a new application via IRBNet 

Forms and Step by Step Guides

 All IRB forms, and Step by Step Research Guides are located in IRBNet and on the DC Network.