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Staff and Committee Roster

The following are members of the IRB staff under the Office of Research and Dissertations.

IRB Staff




Dr. Cynthia N. Bainbridge

Director, Office of Academic Research and IRB Chair

Stephanie J. Henkel 

IRB & Academic Research Coordinator

Institutional Official


Dr. Hank Radda

Signatory official and non-voting board member

These following members listed below represent the Institutional Review Board at Grand Canyon University. Their membership is in accordance with the federal regulations (45 CFR 46.107).

IRB Board Members




Dr. Cynthia Bainbridge

Director, Office of Research & IRB; College of Doctoral Studies

IRB Chair

Dr. Priscilla Steffen

Associate Dean; College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Voting Member

Dr. Marjaneh Gilpatrick

Executive Director; College of Education

Voting Member

Debra Murphy

Director, Research Compliance Integrity and Assurance; ASU External

External Voting Member

Dr. Kevin Thrasher

Executive Director, Center for Learning & Achievement

Non-Scientist Voting Member

Dr. Moronke Oke

Associate Professor, College of Business

Voting Member

Dr. Ronald Berman

Executive Director,  Academic Excellence; College of Doctoral Studies

Voting Member

Dr. Neal Adam

Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences

Scientist Voting Member

Carol Bratt J.D. 

Executive Director, Academic Compliance and Regulation