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Integrating the Dissertation Process Throughout Your Doctoral Journey

An Integrated Approach to the Dissertation Process 

Unlike many programs where learners are expected to complete a core set of specializations prior to beginning their dissertation, at GCU learners begin the dissertation process from the beginning of their program of study. In the very first course of the program, learners are introduced to the doctoral dispositions with emphasis on understanding expectations for scholarly work and the dissertation process.

In subsequent research courses and residencies, milestones are established to allow learners to progressively build the skills and understanding necessary to critically analyze and synthesize research literature, identify a researchable topic, develop a theoretical and methodological framework, conduct the research study, analyze and write the results and finally defend the dissertation. 

At GCU You Are Not Alone

This is one journey learners will not take alone. A robust learning community supports doctoral learners along the way that includes other learners, dissertation chairs, methodologists and committee members. Because feedback occurs early and frequently in the process, the learners are provided an opportunity to modify their work until it receives final approval from the dissertation committee and the Dean. GCU's formative approach to the dissertation process is supported by expert faculty, professional staff, academic counselors and distinctive resources, making the dissertation journey at GCU worth taking.

The Office of Dissertations

The Office of Research and Dissertations is a department within the College of Doctoral Studies that works in conjunction with academic colleges to ensure quality in the doctoral programs by:

  • Developing and implementing the processes and procedures for conducting graduate research in doctoral programs •Establishing and implementing standards for research scholarly writing at the doctoral level
  • Ensuring academic integrity and quality of GCU Dissertations
  • Advising the ongoing process of developing and integrating research curriculum into the research, emphasis and core online doctoral courses
  • Managing the policies and procedures of GCU Institutional Review Board
  • Supporting the implementation of doctoral residencies
  • Directing and supporting university-wide research projects that impact advancement of University academic excellence
  • Developing materials to support doctoral faculty training
  • Participating in accreditation process for GCU doctoral programs