EDS Series

Educational Development & Support Enrichment Series

Educational Development & Support Enrichment Series
Date: Aug. 20, 2014
Time: Session l : 9 - 11 a.m.
        Session ll: 1 - 3 p.m. 
Session l:
 Lafayette Winona Middle School
1701 Alsace Ave
Norfolk, VA 23509
Session ll: Lake Taylor Middle School
1380 Kempsville Road
Norfolk, VA 23502
Hosted by: College of Education
Participants will receive a certificate for two professional development hours for each session.

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Featured Speaker 
Dr. Casey Reason,  EDS Specialist
Dr. Casey Reason is a recognized expert in overcoming resistance to change, innovation, collaboration and next-level leadership for teachers, principals and everyone involved in the process of helping schools improve. His first book, "Leading a Learning Organization: The Science of Working with Others", was endorsed by best-selling author, Dr. Ken Blanchard. In 2011, Casey published "Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership". In addition to leadership consulting and research, Casey's consulting company specializes in distance learning and instructional design and has developed more than 50 graduate and doctoral-level distance learning courses since 2003. Casey also earned a prestigious Blackboard International Course Design of the Year award in 2010 for a doctoral-level leadership course he designed.

Session I: Reframed! How to Turn Stress, Conflict, and Resistance to Change to Innovation and Improved Student Achievement
Conflict and disagreement don't have to tear your school apart. In fact, if handled appropriately, conflict can actually inspire next-level innovations and can even create a more passionate connection to purpose, mission and vision!  Also addressed in this training are issues related to stress, tension and frustration and the things we unknowingly do to make it worse!  Also covered are the easy steps we can take to minimize stress and make the working environment more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone!  This session is fun, highly interactive and leaves the audience with easily applied tools they can use right away to move from resistance and stress to innovation and success! 

Session II: Connected! The New Science of Better Collaboration, Team Learning and Improved Student Achievement
Just putting teachers into teams isn't enough! Thanks to technology and so many innovations in brain research and the study of human performance, we can employ strategies that help every team in school work more effectively! This session isn't just about teaching teams to get along. It's about using tactical, research-based strategies to unleash the untapped individual and team brain power available in every school! Get connected, get creative, and innovate! This session is fun, highly interactive, and leaves the audience with easily applied tools they can use right away to work together better than ever! Perfect for schools that are already doing teaming or PLCs and are looking for strategies to take their performance to the next level! This can also be a good general session topic for those schools who want to get more connected and collectively focused.