Improving Student Achievement by Effectively Engaging Parents and Families

Educational Development & Support Enrichment Series

Educational Development & Support Enrichment Series
Improving Student Achievement by Effectively Engaging Parents and Families
Date: Aug. 20, 2014
Time: 1 - 3 p.m.
Location: 6410 Courts Drive
Prince George, VA 23875
Hosted by: College of Education

Participants will receive a certificate for two professional development hours.

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Featured Speaker 
Shica Little,  EDS Specialist
"Every Goal Is Attainable" is Shica Little's philosophy with any project that she pursues. From being honored to meet and converse with the President of The United States of America, to strategically planning in the boardroom with her clients, she's one amazing fundraiser, networker and professional that can exceed any goal set. Being a Top Producer is an on-going goal that she will adopt to any occupational opportunity as she has a long list of corporations that she has worked with such as Democratic National Committee, Los Angeles Lakers, Turner Broadcasting, The Trumpet Awards, Fox Network, BET and several more.

Soon to be Dr. Little in Organizational Leadership, Shica Little, has an amazing level of determination and ambition to prove the paradigm that "The Sky Is The Limit." This dynamic, highly educated, charismatic and sophisticated professional has a unique combination of varied occupational experience and advanced education to help meet the needs of her clients in a global marketplace. The Clemson University graduate loves to lead, present and convey new ideas and methodology to her clientele. Shica is equipped to spearhead and lead organizations while incorporating her expertise in fundraising, marketing, sales, strategic planning and educating to meet each client's individual objectives. Shica is now a full time faculty member in the College of Education at Grand Canyon University located in Phoenix, AZ. She currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at the university.

Her high business acumen and diverse background of talents gives Shica a decisive advantage in her business endeavors. Shica is truly a "Jack of All Trades." The charismatic mother of two credits her success in the belief that with the right connections anyone can achieve.

Improving Student Achievement by Effectively Engaging Parents and Families
The second most important component in student achievement is parental involvement. There are multiple layers to how to develop effective communication with families and how to bring them into the classroom in an effective manner. Through the use of technology, flexible scheduling, and consistent communication parents can become partners in their child's education. This presentation will focus on how to reach all parents, so that all learners are supported. Parent partnerships will be discussed beyond parent-teacher conferences and PTA events. Participants will delve into the elements that must be in place in order for parent/teacher partnerships to exist and ultimately lead to student achievement.