What is meant by Institutional Recommendation (Eligible for Credential)?

A program that leads to an Institutional Recommendation (IR) allows the graduate of that program to be "eligible for a credential" in that specific area of study (e.g. Elementary Education, Secondary Education or Principal). If a program is eligible for credential, it leads to Arizona certification (e.g. a teacher certificate or principal certificate). According to the Arizona Department of Education, the purpose of an IR is to verify the completion of an approved program in order to obtain a teaching or administrative certificate. An IR must be completed and signed by the institution's designated individual.

For certification in a state other than Arizona, teacher or administrator candidates should apply to their respective state department of education. Towards that end, the College of Education's Office of Accreditation will provide candidates with appropriate documentation to assist them in that application. This documentation can take the form of a state-specific IR or a Letter of Completion, whichever is required by the particular state.

Note: As of October 2011, the following states require certification in Arizona prior to certification in the home state by reciprocity: Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, California, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Oregon, Texas and Utah.

To aid the Office of Accreditation in processing the required documentation for Arizona or other states, please complete the Information Form and submit by email or fax according to the directions on the bottom of the form.

Teacher Education Specialists

The Teacher Education Specialist (TEdS) office is Grand Canyon University's testing and certification resource office. The TEdS team is available to answer any questions and to guide the teacher candidate through the certification process. Each student is assigned to a specific TEdS team member. Each TEdS is familiar with the certification process for the region in which their teacher candidates reside. Please contact your TEdS team member with any questions regarding testing requirements, Institutional Recommendation (IR), letters of completion and letters of enrollment. If you are not sure which TEdS team member is assigned to you, please contact your Student Services Advisor or call the Grand Canyon University student information center at 800-800-9776. 

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