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Educational Administration / Leadership Fact Sheet

Education Administration FAQ

Education Administration /Leadership Practicum Observation and Activity Log - Learners are required to log the practicum/field experience hours on the Practicum/Field Experience Observation and Activity Log and submit to their instructor, along with other benchmark assessment or signature assignment documentation as outlined in each course syllabus.

Action Inquiry Template - Engage in dialogue with the principal mentor and other school leadership to identify an issue or problem focus that is in need of resolution. The subject and nature of this issue or problem should be consistent with the focus for the particular course of study. Once identified, enter that focus as a Statement of Problem on the Action Inquiry Template.

Internship Application - This application needs to be submitted to your assigned Teacher Education Specialist 16 weeks prior to beginning EDA 586A.

Internship Activity Log - Principal candidates will use the log to catalog activities performed and associated time spent across each activity with references made to applicable professional standards.

Internship Evaluation Instrument - This evaluation instrument is based on the Standards for Advanced Programs in Educational Leadership (ELCC). Each of these ELCC Standards and their associated Elements constitute critical skills and knowledge factors for the practicing educational leader. The GCU faculty supervisor and principal mentor will complete a formative and summative evaluation with the principal candidate, using the Internship Evaluation Instrument.