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Educational Administration Internship

The Internship is the culminating experience in the Principal Candidate's academic program of study. The experience consists of a 16-week guided administrative internship that includes a total of 270 field experience hours, as well as, eight school-based real-world assignments, designed to provide significant real-world opportunities for the Principal Candidate to apply their knowledge and skills as identified in national standards and research, and to practice the skills that have been identified and taught throughout the program of study. The internship is an exciting, yet challenging, learning experience that places the intern in unfamiliar situations affords intellectually stimulating activities and allows for empirical application of concepts and skills learned. These experiences will be offered through scaffolding that includes observation, participating and actually leading activities. During the internship, introspection, personal change, professional growth and self-assessment empower the intern's sense of development as a professional. The opportunity to work as an independent practitioner within the intern's field coupled with supportive mentoring from the Principal Mentor and Faculty Instructor provide a strong sense of the exciting opportunities that await the intern in the coming years.


Detailed information about the required field work can be found in the School Leadership Preparation Programs Manual.

School Leadership Preparation Program Manual
Professional Dispositions
Learner Goals
Education Administration Application

EDA Internship Process