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Course List

EDA-536TE: School Finance for Current Practitioners
This course addresses issues of school finance. Concepts of taxation, sources of revenue, basic budget designs, processes and techniques are studied. Additionally, consideration is given to the major challenges in the daily operation of local schools.

EDA-537TE: Supervision and Instructional Leadership for Current Practitioners
This course addresses the topic of supervising instruction within several arenas of the educational environment. Students will gain knowledge and understanding for the application of the models and theories of supervision and instructional leadership.

EDA-538TE: Data-Driven Decisions for School Improvement for Current Practitioners
This course provides participants with a wide range of strategies to facilitate the process of school improvement through evidence-based inquiry. Students utilize systematic processes to gather and analyze data while developing a school improvement plan.

NEW CLASS! EDA-539TE: Strengthening Curriculum to Promote Continuous School Improvement for Current Practitioners
This course prepares current practitioners to become effective, instructional leaders in the evaluation, implementation and articulation of the school-wide curriculum to promote continuous school improvement. Learners will become aware of their own curriculum philosophy and the importance of connecting a guaranteed and viable curriculum with effective instructional practices, i.e., planning, delivery and assessment of learning outcomes to promote student success.