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Master's in Education Degrees at Grand Canyon University

Why earn a Master's in Education Degree?

Students working towards their masters in education degreeAs a professional educator, or someone considering becoming a school administrator, you understand the importance of education and the role it plays in a student's life. Earning a master's in education may open additional doors to your career, leading to new opportunities and earning potential.

While it varies from state to state, most states require a master's degree or higher for those who seek an assistant/vice principal, principal or administrator position. Two states now require a master's degree in education in order to earn their professional teaching license.

Many teachers currently working in the classroom seek a master's in education to qualify for endorsements, promotions or pay increases within their school or district. Other individuals are currently working in fields outside of education, such as business, and desire to re-career into the education profession. These individuals choose a master's in education program in order to become licensed as teachers, since they already have their bachelor's degree in a different field.

"For anyone interested in pursuing their degree in education, I'd tell them it's one simple formula.

Grand Canyon University + The Rodel Foundation of Arizona =
100% Success!

GCU was very supportive in my endeavors and the College of Education has a strong and rigorous curriculum in place to ensure students are ready for the 21st century classroom. Couple that with the high standards and support Rodel has to offer and it's any educator's dream come true."

Master of Education in Elementary Education, 2011
2011 Rodel Promising Student Teacher

Why Grand Canyon University?

Founded in 1949, GCU has built a strong reputation as a quality teacher's college. As a private Christian university, GCU is regionally accredited and recognized as offering some of the best online education programs in the nation by noteworthy sources including Fortune Small business, Online Education Database (OEDb) and more.

At GCU, our master's in education programs provide teachers with the skills necessary to meet the diverse demands of today's classrooms or to shift into an educational administration role. Earning your master's degree in education may seem daunting; however GCU has tailored the programs to meet the needs of the adult learner. The online master's in education programs allow students to attend class around their busy schedule so they don't have to take time away from teaching to earn their degree. Courses are taught by experts in their respective fields who share knowledge and experience in the areas of literacy strategies, teaching methods and curriculum development.

On average, students are able to earn their master's in education degree at GCU in 15-18 months. Grand Canyon University offers a variety of master's degrees in education that focus on areas including special education, teaching English to speakers of other languages, early childhood, elementary or secondary education, leadership and administration.

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Top Reasons School Districts Employ GCU Graduates

GCU has over a 60-year history of providing quality teacher and administrator degree programs.

GCU has a Christian heritage
and as such emphasizes ethics and
character building.

School districts have had positive experiences employing
GCU graduates as teachers and
administrative interns.

GCU's Office of Field Experience
provides excellent service
and support to its students.

GCU graduates are involved
in their local community
and practice servant leadership.

GCU provides quality preparation
of learners as they enter
the field of education.

GCU's College of Education faculty members serve as
mentors and supervisors
during student teaching experiences.

Mentorship services are provided
to GCU education graduates
in their first year of employment
in a district as requested.