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3 and 4 Credit Programs

The Grand Canyon University College of Education is approved by the Arizona State Board of Education and the Arizona Department of Education to offer Institution Recommendations (credentials) for the certification of elementary, secondary, and special education teachers, and administrators. The Arizona state-approved programs lead to Arizona certification and eligibility for an Arizona IR. These programs do not guarantee certification, but provide learners with what is necessary to seek it, e.g. practicum/field experiences and student teaching. Because learners are located nationwide, they are responsible for contacting their state Department of Education or Licensing Department for certification requirements and program approval.

Typically, the Arizona State Board of Education provides IR programs with an initial 2-year approval and then an extended 3-year re-approval for a total of 5 years of approval. In early 2008, the IR programs were due for 5-year re-approval from their original 2003iteration. At that time, they underwent a revision that led to the development of what is now considered the "N" (for New) version of the programs. These programs are easily definable by the "N" that follows course numbers, e.g. ESL 223N or EDU 520N; except for student teaching, all courses in these programs are 3 credits. The Arizona State Board of Education approved these programs for 2 years as expected.

Effective for the January 2010 term, the University made a decision to utilize a 4-credit curricular model for all of its programs. For the College of Education, this meant a revision of all "N" version IR programs to the 4-credit model and the need to prepare documentation for the Arizona State Board of Education approval of the programs in mid-approval cycle in April 2010. To do so, the College prepared Program Change Matrices with supporting documentation and submitted them to the Arizona State Board of Education for approval. The Matrices indicate the approved program, the revised 4-credit program, and specific changes that were made to move each course from 3 to 4 credits.

Clicking on any of the following programs will open the Program Change Matrix submitted to the Arizona State Board of Education. Its approval was gained for the remaining 3 years of the approval cycle.

Additionally, the Arizona State Board of Education has approved the Master of Education in Educational Administration, in the 4-credit curricular model, as an IR program. Please note the website for all program approvals:  http://www.ade.az.gov/certification/BoardPrograms/default.asp