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Professional Ethics and Conduct

Dispositions are the values, commitments, and professional ethics that influence behaviors toward students, families, colleagues, and communities and that affect student learning and achievement, motivation and development, as well as the educator’s own professional growth. If sincerely held, dispositions should lead to actions and patterns of professional conduct.

For Grand Canyon University College of Education students, these dispositions flow from the University’s mission statement. A values-based education emphasizing community, character and citizenship in the context of a Christian worldview seeks to teach, reinforce, support and cause teacher candidates to contemplate certain foundational values which Christianity contends lead to a good life. These normative Christian values are integral to the development, maturity and education of ethical and morally respectable citizens who continue on the path of lifelong learning and service. For College of Education students this is manifested in the professional dispositions each carries into the educational community.

High Expectations

Respect for the Diversity of Others


Professional Conduct








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