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Earn Your Secondary Education Degree Online or at GCU’s Campus

Can you remember a teacher that had a profound impact on your education or the way you viewed the world? Outstanding teachers instill a love for learning and knowledge in their students. They develop and nurture each student's individual talents and abilities. Secondary education teachers also help students learn to think critically,Earn your Secondary Education degree at Grand Canyon University a skill that is needed throughout a person's educational and personal career. In addition to teaching a specific subject, quality teachers also help students strengthen their professional dispositions and ethics.

Secondary education teachers work with youth and adolescents, and typically teach a single subject. While the content being taught stays the same, the cohorts of students rotate throughout the day. Secondary teachers may opt to work at public, private or charter schools at the middle, junior high or high school levels. At the middle and high school levels, secondary teachers may work in a team and/or departmental environment.

Steps to Become a Secondary Education Teacher

You may be wondering what the first step is to becoming a secondary education teacher. The minimum requirements for nearly all schools is for secondary education teachers to have at least a bachelor's degree. Grand Canyon University offers a variety of bachelor's in secondary education degrees as well as master's degrees in secondary education. These degrees have various emphases depending on the content area an individual chooses to focus on.

Those pursuing bachelor's degrees in secondary education at GCU can focus on English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education or Business Education. GCU also offers a master's in secondary education developed for career changers who have a bachelor's degree in a field outside of education.

Secondary Education Degree Coursework

In addition to taking courses in your chosen subject area of interest, students earning a secondary education degree typically study secondary teaching methods, classroom management, student assessment techniques, teaching sheltered English, methods for educating culturally diverse students, human development, and adolescent psychology.

Secondary education teachers today also need a solid understanding of how technology and computers can be integrated into the classroom. Regardless of the teacher's area of concentration, across all subjects technology is used as a tool in learning.

Expert Instructors

GCU's secondary education degrees are taught by experts in their respective fields who share knowledge and experience in the areas of educational psychology, reading strategies, teaching methods, classroom management and curriculum development. Hiring only outstanding faculty members who are expert practitioners and passionate about their field, GCU employs a number of full-time faculty for our online courses. All courses are directly aligned with the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) principles.

“GCU is a well-known university. Not only is it well known, but it prepares students to be great teachers. Through guidance from many people in the COE office, it was easy to obtain "Highly Qualified" status as it is mandatory to graduate. The program helps give a diverse background in teaching and also content.

My degree program at GCU helped prepare me in a few different ways. I think the best aspect of it was my practicum and student teaching experience as I was able to get in the classroom and really see what happens on a daily basis. I also had great professors who tried to give us a glimpse of what teaching was all about.”

Amber Loyd
Graduated with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education in Dec. 2012
Algebra Teacher
Metro Tech High School, Phoenix, Arizona

GCU's College of Education Distinct Advantages

Grand Canyon University's ;College of Education offers a number of distinct advantages. First, GCU offers the convenience of taking courses online, at our Phoenix campus or through evening courses that meet just once per week. Our facilities are another bonus; in 2011 a 29,000-square-foot College of Education classroom and administration building opened in the heart of GCU's campus. Image of smiling secondary education teacherGCU also offers a premiere honor society for individuals preparing for, engaged in or retired from the teaching profession called Kappa Delta Pi International. This group provides support and resources to prepare education students to become the next generation of teacher leaders.

Rodel Foundation Program

GCU participates in the Rodel Foundation program, which was established in Arizona in 1999 with the overall goal of bringing greatness to public schools. Those selected as Rodel Promising Student Teachers are paired with an exemplary teacher for student teaching, and from the Rodel Foundation receive both a $1,000 scholarship and, upon completing three years of teaching in a high-needs district, $5,000 from Rodel. Grand Canyon University has had a number of students recognized as Rodel Promising Student Teachers for their outstanding academic achievements.

National Board Certified Teachers

As a way to recognize and honor those teachers who have achieved National Board Certification, the College of Education allows graduate students to apply some of their National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certification to courses within many graduate-level programs of study. NBPTS certificate equivalencies are based on the five NBPTS core propositions and standards by certificate.

GCU Promise

At GCU's College of Education, we offer a unique promise to our secondary education degree graduates. We promise to assist graduates, at no cost, who are experiencing difficulty in their first year of teaching. This assistance can range from taking a refresher course in the area of difficulty to receiving mentoring by faculty who will coach in such areas as classroom management, curriculum development, content presentation and individualized instruction.