Professional Resources For Positive Change

Through EDSource, Grand Canyon University aims to serve and support K-12 administrators, teachers, students and parents to generate and celebrate excellence in public, private, charter and homeschool settings. Opportunities abound to learn, connect with others and engage through various EDSource Sessions, STEM and EdSource Events programs.

EDSource provides a wide variety of professional development opportunities for K-12 educators. Sessions are provided by GCU’s extensive network of EDSource Experts who have extensive experience in the education field.

EDSource offers many opportunities for teachers to come to campus and engage in hands-on professional development offered in evening and weekend workshops. Topics include STEM, technology in the classroom, project-based learning and much more.

EDSource creates exciting and interactive opportunities for students of all grades to experience our college campus and engage in hands-on learning. This includes STEM activities, summer camps and campus visitation programs.

EDSource engages families as key partners in students’ academic success by offering special programs on a wide array of topics that help parents encourage and support their students’ learning.

  • STEM Saturdays
  • Everyday STEM workshops
  • Raising Gifted Children workshops