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"21 C's" On-Site Training

Professional Development for TeachersEDS brings together practitioners whose expertise in professional development spans 21st century teaching techniques with Arizona's College and Career Ready standards integration and embedded technology to maximize the performance of all educators and their students.

When requested, GCU's EDS department will work to provide professional development opportunities uniquely tailored to meet each Participant School or District's goals, mission, vision and initiatives. Participants can choose from the broad list of "21 C's" and narrow the topic to meet the specific needs of the audience or can request customized instructional services. This is accomplished by contacting our GCU Strategic Educational Alliances Operations Coordinator at 602-639-6320 or

Professional Development
EDS Specialists will work alongside you and your faculty to introduce new skills and maximize knowledge on topics included within the "21 C's" or topics specific to your needs. Instruction may include ongoing or long-term services.

Compelling Student Speakers
Current GCU students or alumni will share their compelling stories of strength in the face of overwhelming odds and their dedication to succeed with your students.


      "21-C's" On-site Training

1. Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards and Assessment
2.  Computer Integrated Instruction
3.  Critical Thinking
4.  Classroom Organization
5.  Conflict Resolution
6.  Communication
7.  Creativity and Innovation
8.  Climate and Culture
9.  Collaboration
10.  Change
11.  College and Career Counseling 
12.  Character Education
13.  Classroom Management

14. Community Involvement and Partnerships
15.  Capacity Building and Leadership Development
16.  Compliance
17.  Coaching and Mentoring for Students and Educators
18.  Cognitive Coaching
19.  Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Focus on Various Content Areas
Curriculum Mapping
Instructional Strategies
Differentiated Instruction
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment

20.  Cooperative Learning
21.  Christian Classroom*

* An opportunity available for Canyon Christian Schools Consortium Participants


Customized Professional Development 

Because customized professional development may require ongoing, long-term or embedded services, cost will be negotiated with the school/district on a per-project basis and will be commensurate with scope of work.