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Dance Major Auditions

For acceptance into the College of Fine Arts and Production's Bachelor of Arts programs, all incoming students are required to audition if they have an intended major in: Music, Music Education, Dance Education, Theatre Education and Theatre and Drama. The audition is also used as a basis for awarding scholarships.

Auditions can be scheduled betweenGCU COFAP Dance Program
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Dance Auditions Location:

Saguro Hall

To schedule an audition visit:

Information About Auditioning

For your scheduled live audition, auditionees will be asked to demonstrate their technical skill level via barre work and a series of progressions in the genres of modern, ballet and jazz dance. The class will be led by a faculty member. Please dress appropriately in dance apparel that shows body alignment and form. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes or bare feet are appropriate. Hair must be secured away from the face.

  • Time: 60-90 seconds (timed)
  • Style: Contemporary modern dance in encourage, but choice of style is up to the individual.
  • Music: While music is optional, recorded music must be on CD or iPod, with only solo music recorded.
  • Choreography: For freshman students, choreography by the student is preferred, but not required. Transfer students are required to show their own choreography.
  • Artistic Integrity: Emphasis is on honest performance, not acrobatics or tricks.
  • Headshot and Dance Résumé: There items are optional but encouraged for both live and DVD auditions.

DVD SubmiGCU COFAP Dance Programttal Procedures

If there is a particular hardship involved in attending the group audition, a prospective student may request a DVD audition by contacting the Director of Dance. This involves submitting a DVD, a completed scholarship application and two confidential letters of recommendation. The dance faculty will either inform you of the results or ask you to schedule an audition at a later time.

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