The Dance and Dance Education Audition Process

For acceptance into the College of Fine Arts and Production's bachelor of arts programs, all incoming students are required to submit a digital audition video URL or DVD if they have an intended major in: Music, Music Education, Dance, Dance Education, Theatre Education and Theatre and Drama. The digital audition is used as a basis for acceptance into the program and scholarships. See below for more information regarding scholarships. College faculty will review digital audition materials on the 15th of each month. Students will be notified of their acceptance or non-acceptance within 10 business days.

Along with the digital audition, you must provide a headshot, dance résumé and a dance audition application. We will accept letters of reference that are academic or technique-focused, but these are not required. 

Suggested Dress Code:

  • Dance apparel needs to show the dancer's body alignment and form (no loose-fitting garments).  Leotards and tights for ballet, jazz pants for jazz (optional), footless tights for modern.
  • Ballet shoes and jazz shoes; bare feet are appropriate for modern dance.
  • Hair must be secured away from the face.GCU COFAP Dance Program

Solo Audition Requirements: 

  • Time: 60-90 seconds
  • Style: Contemporary or modern dance styles are encouraged but choice is up to the individual.
  • Music: While music is optional, recorded music must be on CD or iPod, with only solo music recorded.
  • Choreography: For freshmen students, choreography by the student is preferred but not required. Transfer students are required to show their own choreography.
  • Artistic Integrity: Emphasis is placed upon clarity of intent and performance qualities including focus and clarity of movement.  

Goal Essay Requirements: 

Students auditioning for the B.A. Dance Education or B.A. Dance major must submit a writing sample the day of the audition. The essay needs to be two pages maximum, double-spaced, have one inch margins and be in 12 point Arial font. 

Please respond to all of the following questions:

  • What has brought you to dance?
  • Why have you chosen to pursue a degree in Dance Education?
  • Describe your academic, artistic and professional goals. How will attending Grand Canyon University prepare you to meet those goals?
  • What role does dance play in an educational or cultural context?
  • Describe interests, skills and talents you have outside of dance that you will use to impact your experience in GCU's Dance Program.

Scholarship Information:
Students are advised to submit their audition videos before March 25, 2016 to be eligible for scholarships. Scholarship auditions are by invitation only where selected candidates will be invited to GCU on the dates below. Performance scholarships are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Scholarship Audition Schedule:

10 am Registration in the lobby
10:15 am Dance Department Overview for students and their families
11 am Technique class including ballet, modern, jazz and improvisation
12:30 pm Break
1 pm Solo performances
3 pm Anticipated end of day

Susannah Keita