A Humanities and Social Science Education for the 21st Century

With a spotlight on intellectual creativity and innovation for the 21st century, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at GCU provides a job focused education. It blends the study of traditional humanities in a modern context. Through academic inquiry and beyond the box thinking, the college advances our society and its accomplishments.

Students here are challenged to address the problems of tomorrow, as they gain tangible skills and become deep critical thinkers who have a broad background in humanities. The college has the central vision to create lifelong learners and evolving thinkers in an increasingly complex global environment. It promotes interdisciplinary study and research, and supports the university's general education requirements.

Home to a thriving counseling and psychology department, the college offers a variety of programs in these disciplines, alongside a broad array of online, evening and traditional programs that range from criminal justice to history and English literature. Aligning with GCU's Christian worldview, the college provides an education that is informed by spirituality and our focus on Christian values.

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