Students Enrolling Before Fall 2012

Course Sequence for Students Enrolled in the Clinical Portion of the ATP Before Fall 2012

The course sequence below only applies to students that enrolled in the clinical portion of the Athletic Training Program before Fall 2012.


Year 3

Fall Semester - 16 Credits 15 Week Courses
      Spring Semester-16 Credits 15 Week Courses

CWV 101 (CWV)     

Art Music Theater   
ENG 105 (EC)
EXS 387

EXS 366

EXS 387L

EXS 351 (Clinical)

EXS 353 (Clinical)
EXS 370

EXS 426

EXS 426L


Year 4

Fall Semester - 12 Credits 15 Week Courses
      Spring Semester- 12 Credits 15 Week Courses

EXS 420
Elective Internship    
EXS 421 (Clinical) 

Take External BOC Exam

EXS 415

Total Credits Required for Graduation from GCU: 120

Bold classes must be taken in sequence
*Admission paperwork is due by March 1 for clinical placement in the fall.
*All clinical coursework requirement paperwork is Due May 1.
All materials to be submitted electronically to
Paperwork can be found here. *