Event Details

Important Information for Ceremony Participants

Student Check in details

  • At check in, fill out a Bio Card and pick up a purple ribbon
  • Attach your pin to the ribbon (see picture)
  • Then hang the ribbon over your left arm
  • Keep your Bio Card in your hand
  • The student dress code is regalia* (cap and gown and tassel).
  • Under the regalia, students should be in business professional.
    No flip flops or athletic shoes. Students should refrain from wearing spiked heels, due to stage set up.
  • Black or blue dress or slacks and shoes preferred 

The loop should fit over your head. Attach your pin to the ribbon where the ends meet.

*Mandatory for participation.

 Student seating will be reserved. Please let your family know that you will be seated in a separate section. Seat yourself in your assigned section at least 15 minutes prior to the ceremony. You should have your bio card and your pin, attached to the bottom of the ribbon.

Programs: Each student will have a program in your reserved seat. Additional programs will be available to guests as they enter the sanctuary.

Pinning Ceremony Instructions


  • Make sure you have your bio card and pin on ribbon in your hand.
  • When directed, each row will be cued to proceed up to the stage. 
  • When your row is cued, rise together, and then proceed out of the aisle up to the side of the stage. The line-up spot in will be marked. 
  • Give your bio card to the person reading names when you get to the front of the line. 
  • When your name is read, proceed to the Associate Dean or Director. Give the pin on ribbon to Associate Dean or Director. She will pin you, then shake your hand as you pose for a picture. Shake hands with Dr. McNamara.
  • Return to your original row and be seated. 
  • The next row will be cued and the process repeats.


  • At the end of the ceremony, once the faculty rises and begins to recess from the stage, each row will be directed when to exit.
  • Faculty exit first, followed by students. 
  • The Dean, Associate Dean, Director and Faculty will be available for pictures after the ceremony.

Dr. Anne Mc Namara
Dean of Nursing 

Event Location

The ceremony will take place in the Community Church of Joy
21000 N. 75th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308