Nursing Simulation Lab

The Simulation Lab at Grand Canyon University serves as a hands-on learning environment where students apply theoretical knowledge to a simulated yet dynamic medical facility setting. Often described as the most experiential component of the curriculum, Simulation Lab generally commences at the end of their first semester. Students practice essential skills on computer-operated yet life-like mannequins that simulate everything from mild symptoms to complex health problems to specialized scenarios that occur in real-life patients. This type of experiential and active learning mimics the reality of a clinical setting while providing a risk-free learning environment for students to demonstrate critical thinking and judgment skills without fear of harming the patient.

Simulation LabThe Nursing and Health Care Professions College at Grand Canyon University has recently expanded its simulation facility to a fully equipped examination area and four distinct simulation rooms, capable of simulating a wide variety of healthcare scenarios an active registered nurse would encounter in the field. This expansion has taken the simulation portion of this valuable clinical training to the next level in terms of simulation technology. This expansion also ensures the nursing program carry on its goal of retaining small, personalized class sizes to ensure our students receive and cultivate an ample amount of hands-on training during their education at Grand Canyon University.

In evaluating candidates for employment, healthcare organizations take the value of an excellent education into high consideration and actively seek out qualified nursing candidates with proven clinical and simulation lab experience. Our students and faculty understand that striking the right balance of classroom and clinical education is crucial to ensuring post-graduation success. Whether that is working toward a masters in nursing or entering the workplace as a registered nurse practitioner, our 'students in purple' enjoy a distinguished reputation for quality in the healthcare environment.

Preparing Tomorrow's Nurses

GCU's College of Nursing provides it's students with the know-how and experience to be able to succeed in a competitive job market. Whether you're looking to complete your Bachelors or your Masters, GCU can help you find your purpose.

Equipping Students for Success

Grand Canyon University's College of Nursing and Health Care Professions is paving the way in producing confident and skilled Nurse Practitioners for gainful employment in the professional healthcare environment. The continued success of our nursing students is due in part to the applied experience gained from the recently expanded Simulation Lab portion of their clinical training.