Grand Canyon University Student Mentorship Program

Soon after entering Nursing School the excitement of being accepted into a prestigious program dampens as the student begins to feel overwhelmed by the workload, what is expected of them and uncertain about how to succeed. Fortunately, the Student Nurses' Association offer nursing students a Mentor Matchup Program which pairs students together to provide encouragement, support and guidance. Mentors are Grand Canyon University Nursing Students just like you who understand what you are going through and have voluntarily dedicated their time to answer questions, share their experiences, strategies and study tips used to assist you in your nursing school journey. Rest assured knowing the mentor assigned to you is at least one level ahead of you in the program. You can request a mentor at any time during your time spent in the nursing program.

As a mentor, we value your time and commitment to assisting other nursing students in their journey. As a thank you for your service, Service Recognition Points are awarded if you are a member of the SNA. We also offer periodic Meet ‘N Greets where you can interact with other

If after having participated in the Mentor Matchup Program was beneficial for you, we would recommend you sign up to be a mentor for someone else.

Don't let this valuable resource for success pass you bye. To sign up to be a mentor or to sign up for a mentor please complete the form below.