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Theology Degrees for Faithful Ministry

At the heart of the College of Theology is the conviction that the Bible alone is the inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God. All that we do and say at the college is shaped by this conviction.

With the powerful message that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, gave his life to reconcile men and women to the Father, the college offers a deeply focused theological education that is grounded in biblical truth. Aspiring leaders in Christian faith and worship are provided with a strong theological foundation and solid preparation for ministry.

As an evangelical institution, the college features a transformative online Master of Divinity alongside its theology degrees in Christian Studies and Worship Arts. Uniquely positioned within an interdenominational environment, these programs are envisioned to create the next generation of Christian leaders and ministers who understand the significance of God's word for life and ministry.

In service to the church, our traditional and online college students are taught to handle God's word correctly and apply it effectively in real world situations where ministry actually happens. As a result, graduates emerge fully equipped to minister with integrity and skill at home and abroad.  Learn More

 Featured Degrees

Master of Divinity Programs
Master of Divinity
Master of Divinity with an Emphasis in Global Ministry
Master of Divinity with an Emphasis in Worship Leadership

Worship Arts Programs
Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Digital Media
Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Worship Management
Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Worship Ministry
Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Worship Production

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Christian Worldview

GCU Christian Worldview

As a Christian University, it is our desire to help our students, both online and those living on campus, in their academic and spiritual journeys. Our hope is to intentionally provide opportunities for you to explore who Jesus is, grow in a relationship with Him, and ultimately become a co-laborer with Christ.

Spiritual Life

Grand Canyon University is an Arizona Christian university offering a rich Spiritual Life Community.

Grand Canyon University offers a rich Spiritual Life Community. 
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