A firm Basis for Evangelical Fellowship

The university's statement of faith provides the College of Theology with a firm basis for evangelical fellowship and partnership. By adopting a statement of faith that emphasizes the core commitments of Christianity, GCU has uniquely positioned itself to serve the needs of multiple denominations and Christian traditions, as we cultivate unity within the larger community of faith.

Our Statement of Faith

We believe that all Christians are united spiritually in our Lord Jesus Christ, demonstrated by the command of Jesus to love one another. As a Christian university, GCU prepares you for a lifetime of effective leadership, innovation and service.

The university's Doctrinal Statement defines our identity and mission. It articulates the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith. These teachings represent the core truths that Christians hold in common and provide a strong basis for unity and cooperation.

As an open campus, GCU offers an environment of mutual respect. We welcome dialogue from diverse perspectives and respect freedom of conscience in matters of faith and practice but the university identifies itself as an intentionally Christian institution.

The Theological Position of the University

Grand Canyon University embraces the fundamental truths of the Christian faith expressed in its Doctrinal Statement. Intentionally positioned as an interdenominational institution of higher education, the university is unified in its affirmation of the core biblical truths that all followers of Jesus Christ hold in common. We welcome the gifts that each Christian denomination and tradition brings to the larger community of faith and celebrate the unity we enjoy in the Lord Jesus.